Meditation is an important path on the journey toward inner peace and happiness.  Everyone can (and should) practice it.

 "It is easy to meet infinity within you - to attain that awareness, you just have to be silent and quiet." - Swami Rama of the Himilayan.

Below is a sample download for your enjoyment and practice.  Use the Soundcloud app.



9:00 am. Meditation and Movement. Himalayan Salt Therapy Room at THE BREATHING ROOMS. 678 Broad St. Shrewsbury, NJ. Further info: 732-366-9600 or


11:00 - 12:00 pm, Last of Every Month: Meditiation for Coping with Grief—Stephy's Place, 210 Front Street Red Bank.  Further info:


7:00pm, Last of Every Month: Meditation—Healing Point Acupuncture, 740 River Road, FH.  
Call to reserve spot: 732-758-1234.

No Summer Classes.  Check back in September.


5:15 pm: Guided Meditation each week, with added Full Moon and Yoga Nidra (once per month closest to Full Moon)—Synergy Yoga, FH. Further info:

Private meditation, Japa Mantra practice, and Kirtan - available by request. Send inquiry through contact info. page.