OLA (Wave) of Thoughts........

Today is Enough:   Think Plainly...Write Simply.

Today begins little waves of thoughts.....  boring? interesting? funny? happy?...... maybe......  but definitely thoughtFUL!!  Some are words that bubble up in my mind, and some are words from far greater minds.

Join me.... share your waves of thought.... OR SEND US A PICTURE to Ohanala.com OR @ohanala.life and we will post them.  

Today:   "To succeed in life, you need these things:  Ignorance and Confidence."  Know that  it's ok to not know stuff.  From there, you cultivate a burning desire for experiences, which lead to knowledge.  But if you know something for certain.....  live it, love it, share it.  What do you know for certain?  Think about that for a second......  OK - so I know for sure that my mom loves me....... plain and simple.   What are you thinking?....   Be courageous, and listen to your great mind.  Now....

Wave a little of your knowledge our way. Tell us what you know for certain. Click below to kristin@ohanala.com and send us a note.   We will post it here.... plain and simple.  

Today:  Meditation is not  empty of thought.  It is mindFUL.  Mindfulness is a space where we can watch our thoughts.  We witness thoughts and maybe feelings and just pay attention to them.  What makes it different- - is that we try not to react to our thoughts or give them purpose.  Meditation can help us make sense of the world around us - external and eventually internal - we can cultivate a deeper understanding about our experiences and what emotions or behaviors we bring into those experiences.  We can begin to understand the idea of non-attachment.  Of being ; not doing.  Of witnessing ; not participating.  Soon - we realize that by not reacting to our thoughts with emotions and stories, we can bring the mind to rest in one point.  The Buddha said "All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  What we think we become".  

Today:  Out of Clutter, find Simplicity.  - Albert Einstein.  




Wave a little of your knowledge our way  Tell us about your meditation practice. Click below to kristin@ohanala.com and send us a note.   We will post it here.... plain and simple.