Ayurveda for Summer

$35 for workshop Register HERE

$100 Cleanse Kit by April 25: click here


about the workshop:

We are all part Pitta (fire/water/heat) and summer can aggravate our "hot" tendencies both mind and body. Learn how to regulate the Pitta imbalances with asana and pranayama practices, and appropriate foods/herbs to eat and to stay away from. Balance your Pitta dosha for a healthy glow and a soothing approach to your Summer season!

about the cleanse:

Optional. Seasonal cleanses are a fantastic and essential way to reduce our over – indulgences; reset our body for optimum function; and rest our minds. Must pre-register

After the session, you may begin the cleanse at any time agreeable with your schedule and priorities.  Best to commit to cleanse for at least three days and up to seven days.

Email kristingould.om@gmail.com with questions about the Optional Cleanse.

Additional Fall and Winter Workshops and Locations -  TBD.

For inquiry or private consultation, please go to contact page and send request.


Ayurveda - the sister science of yoga.